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We are dedicated to helping Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Executives achieve Business Success. We are an Entrepreneur's and Business Owner's answer and resource to Business Success! We value long term relationships with our clients so we can grow alongside them.

Our Strategic Focus is three-fold:
  • Develop and Put the right Success Plan in place...
  • Continually Consult with our clients for their Business Success...
  • Help our clients Implement Strategies and Solutions to achieve sustainable Business Success...

ABC Business Consulting is a full solution business consulting and coaching firm with diverse skills to help companies succeed. We have worked in many different industries so the chances are we have ample experience and expertise in your niche. Our business success solutions cover three main areas:

Why are we unique? One word: Implementation. We are a results based consulting firm that has strong emphasis on the implementation of the strategies and solutions we develop for our clients. We track and monitor our implementation efforts in real time for the strongest ROI possible.

Frank Goley, CEO / Business Consultant, wrote his first business plan over twenty years ago. Frank has many years experience as a business planner, business consultant, marketing consultant, entrepreneur and business owner, working with a wide range of small and medium size companies in many industries on a national and international basis.

Mary McCoy, CFO, has a diverse background in Banking, Mortgage Lending, Taxes and Medical Billing.

Frank is the author of a Business Plan Book and Business Success Guide. He also writes the Business Success Blog, has written numerous articles and e-books on Business Success Strategies, and writes the Business Success Newsletter.

Business Success Services Overview

We Are Implementation Experts

What separates us from all the other Business Consulting & Business Coaching firms?

We Plan and Consult for your Success, but most importantly, we help to Implement your Strategies for Success. We measure and monitor the success of your strategies, making tweaks and changes along the way to ensure you receive the highest ROI for your given strategic initiative.

We are true experts in Implementation. In the end, isn’t that what you want from your business consultant and business coach? True, measurable success…We are a Results based consulting firm!

The Ultimate Business Success Service

The Ultimate Business Success Package Includes:

  • Business Consulting and Business Coaching
  • Business Plan Services
  • Website Design & Development, SEO, and Internet Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

This is our very best business success package designed and implemented for the very best results, even in this post-recession, sluggish economy. With this service offering, we offer a comprehensive solution no other consulting firm can match. This solution will bring you the best results of all of our success services in one cohesive success strategy customized just for your needs and requirements.

Our Ultimate Business Success Customers achieve the highest levels of success within mere months of starting this unique service. Check out the results we have produced for our Ultimate Success clients.

Business Consulting  |  Business Coaching

A Business Consultant and Business Coach can be the very best business investment you can make for your business. A business consultant’s fee should more than pay for itself when you implement the experienced advice of the consultant.

Entrepreneurs, executives and business owners are very busy working in their business so it is vital to have an experienced business consultant or business coach concentrate on how to operate better, and going forward, how to capture competitive advantage and increase profitability.

The diverse background and experience of a business consultant can give your business that added edge to out-smart and out-maneuver your competitors, while maximizing  niche profitability and gaining more market share. Frank Goley, the ABC lead business consultant and business coach, has many years experience helping companies to start, grow, turnaround and succeed. Frank is author of the Business Success Guide.

For more information on how a business consultant or business coach can help your business be more profitable and the consulting processes employed, please see our article:

What a Business Consultant can do for a Business- An Inside View of the Consulting Process.

We offer several Business Consulting and Business Coaching services to meet most business needs and situations:

Business Turnaround Consulting

Sometimes businesses get in trouble and have a hard time finding their way out toward stabilization and success. An experienced Business Turnaround Consultant and Turnaround Specialist can come in to a tough situation, consult with a company’s executive team, directors, advisers,  management and employees to determine a course of action and a turnaround plan to breath healthy life back into a company again.

Frank Goley, the ABC business turnaround consultant, has many years experience helping companies succeed and running successful companies. He truly enjoys the challenge presented in a turnaround situation and determining the best courses of action for a successful company turnaround. Frank is author of the Business Success Guide.

A Business Turnaround Plan is a company-wide initiative, and the turnaround specialist will bring on board a process to determine what is broke and specifically how to fix it. The turnaround specialist is a business consultant who should have ample experience in tough business situations in a wide range of industries to be ultimately successful in developing and implementing a successful turnaround plan.

For more info, see our Business Turnaround Services.

Please see our article, Saving a Business in Trouble- Business Turnaround Strategy, to see what makes a successful business turnaround and what comprises a good turnaround process.

Website Design | Search Engine Optimization

Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Website Design & Development are absolutely essential in today’s business world. Your website should be an extension of your company’s business plan and strategic direction. Your website is a direct reflection of who you are as a company and is the very best sales platform you have! A website works tirelessly, 24 hours a day, to bring you business, but it needs to provide a prospect the right navigation and website experience, while also being visible among the millions of websites on the web.

ABC offers a very unique, all in one solution to a company’s web design, development, SEO and marketing needs. We can develop a strategic business plan and website in tandem, while maximizing the search engine optimization and the marketability of the website. By merging the business planning and web development processes, a business is offered the very best strategic direction and marketing a website can accomplish.

Online market positioning is a requirement of every modern day business. Is your current website, just sitting there and not making you any significant money? We can help to monetize your web properties!

For more about SEO and Online Marketing and the power of the web, please read our internet marketing articles:  Cost Effective Online Marketing Strategies and SEO Strategies.

We offer two Web Success packages to meet most companies requirements and needs:

Business Plan Services

Business Plan Consulting and Business Plan Writing are core services of our business consulting company. We know from experience why a business plan consultant, business plan writer and business planner are so important to a company’s success.

Frank Goley, the ABC lead Business Plan Consultant, wrote his first business plans, marketing plans and strategic plans over 23 years ago. Quickly Frank came to understand how important the business planning process is to a company, and why a business plan can be a fantastic road map to business success, when there are so many crucial decisions to be made and obstacles to overcome by an entrepreneur and business owner along the journey of a company’s growth.

Frank has developed his experienced knowledge of business planning and running successful companies into a proven business planning process which he uses to work one on one with clients to produce the very best business plan for a particular company’s goals. This process has been tried and refined for over twenty years– it works! Frank is author of a Business Planning Guide and Workbook.

Frank is assisted by an experienced team of MBA business plan consultants, business plan writers, business plan experts, and business plan designers to produce best in class business plans. We develop and write business plans for funding purposes (such as for venture capital, angel investors, banks, commercial finance, SBA funding, grant funding, micro funding, crowd funding). We also develop business success plans to provide a company a predictable road map to success. We can also develop joint venture business plans, as well as, project specific business plans.

Please refer to Frank’s article on Writing an Effective Business Plan for more information on what should be in a business plan, a business plan’s uses, and why a business plan is so vitally important to a company’s success.

We offer four levels of business plan services to meet most budgets and objectives:

Types of Business Plans

Whether it is a Funding Business Plan or Business Success Plan, ABC has your business plan consulting solution! ABC develops Comprehensive Business Plans, Funding Business Plans (i.e. Angel Investor Plan, Lender / Bank Plan, SBA Plan, Venture Capital Plan), Business Turn Around Plans, Entry Level to Sophisticated Advanced Business Plans, and Specialized Business Plans, along with other types of Business Finance Plans and Packages to meet specific funding objectives. All of our business plans include in-depth market and industry research and include sophisticated financial analysis and forecasting.

Executive Summary

There are two types of Executive Summaries that we develop. One type of executive summary is to summarize your business plan in 2-3 pages. The other executive summary serves more as a mini-business plan and can be 5-7 pages in length.

Understanding how to write and use each to your business advantage is critical when raising funds, attracting new business relationships, trying to seal a deal with a new supplier partner, presenting an opportunity to a prospective joint venture partner, among many other important uses. However, equally important is having a good business plan in place to run a successful business, and the executive summary is that quick look document that adeptly summarizes that success business plan and helps keep you and your key personnel on track for ultimate business success.

For more info, see our Executive Summary Service.

For more on what a good executive summary contains, along with its important uses, please read our article on How to Develop and Write an Effective Executive Summary.

Marketing Plan

A Marketing Plan is essential to a company’s growth and success. The ability to define profitable market niches within specific market segments, understanding how you will compete successfully for that business, putting together and testing targeted marketing programs, promotions and strategies, and having it all in a marketing strategy that meets your company’s budget constraints, can be a daunting task.

A good marketing plan sets up the success of a company’s sales, and gives its sales department and people the tools and opportunities to “make it happen”. Quit guessing how to market and who to sell to. By employing the use of a good marketing process you will find the very best avenues to pursue for your company’s success, while minimizing your learning curve and costly marketing mistakes.

Our Marketing Plans include in-depth market and industry research.

Please see our article on Winning Marketing Plans for more information about what a good marketing plan contains, and what it can do for your business.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plans and Strategic Planning are the heart of a company’s success. Why? A strategic plan puts into action a well thought out and thoroughly tested companywide strategy for success. It is the heart of a company’s success because it is an ACTION plan.

The Strategic Plan puts into motion what a business wants to accomplish, provides analysis of the risks, threats and opportunities, along with the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Post-analysis, the business can set realistic milestones toward achieving the goals of the strategic plan–action steps toward realization of the strategic plan and the company’s ultimate success.

Another component of the strategic plan is the Sales Plan. The sales plan lays out how the company’s sales people or department will accomplish the goals set out in the strategic plan, providing meaningful milestones to measure success and problems in reaching those sales goals.

The strategic plan also provides the basis for constructing realistic financial projections so a company can adequately and in real time track progress or the lack thereof. The strategic plan is the link in a company’s business plan that converts the marketing plan’s goals into actionable strategies which translate into realistic financial projections and models that provide useful tracking information on a company’s journey toward planned success. You can say that a strategic plan is the success link and key to a company’s operations.

Need a Good Strategic Plan? Go to: Strategic Plan Service

Please see the ABC article on Strategic Planning for Business Success to discover what comprises a good strategic plan, and why strategic planning is so vitally important to a company’s success.

Investment Overview

The Investment / Investor Overview is used in conjunction with your Executive Summary to solicit interest from an Angel Investor or Venture Capital Firm about your Business Opportunity and to give the Investor the necessary facts about your opportunity so it can be quickly qualified and vetted.

The Venture Capital and Private Equity Process can be lengthy, but by providing the right documentation (already prepared prior to your Funding Initiative) from the beginning, you will significantly shorten the Venture Capital Funding process and receive the attention your deal deserves. The Investment Overview can accompany your Executive Summary so the Investment Group can gather the right information about your Company, Product, People, Opportunity and Competitive Edge.

Frank Goley, the ABC principal business consultant, has a private equity background and has developed an Investor Overview process and format which can successfully help you retain funding. An investor sees hundreds of deals in a month so you need to present an Investment Overview that attracts and retains attention.

Please see our article on How to Develop an Investment Overview for more information and see our Investment Overview Template for an example format.

Loan Package

Frank Goley, business consultant and business coach, has a long history of working in the business finance industry, and he knows the absolute necessity of a good Loan Package when a business is targeting bank and commercial finance, or even private equity finance. A well prepared and presented Loan Package can be the difference between successful funding and not–the difference between good finance terms and expensive terms.

Often loan officers and investors receive documentation that is inappropriate, incomplete or improper for business finance needs. Guess what happens? The deal gets pushed to the bottom of the pile at best and at worst, it is quickly written off. A well prepared and presented Loan Package will give you the edge to close a good finance deal, on schedule, with the terms you require.

Please see our article, How to Prepare a Commercial Loan Package, to understand what needs to be in a Loan Package that will help you close the finance deal your company requires. Also see our Loan Package Template to get a sense of the format we use.