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Internet Marketing Strategy Article

Cost Effective Internet Marketing Strategies

For help with your Online Marketing, please visit our Internet Marketing and SEO Services section.

Content & Website Basics

All these Web Marketing Strategies, Tools and Tips are fantastic and effective if you have good, relevant Content on your website. Relevant Content and related Resources are key to obtaining first page Search Engine Results Rankings. This costs you $0 and just requires your time and expertise. Good Content will drive targeted web traffic to your site, and the tools outlined in this Article on Online Marketing will exponentially increase your targeted traffic flow, as well as, capture more profits. Other Website Basics include Good Website Navigation and Organization, Site Map, Privacy & Security Platforms, About Us Page, Fast Loading Pages and other Elements, as explained in the ABC Article on Small Business Internet Strategies. It is important to build a good Website Foundation where the fundamentals are established, then tap into these Marketing Strategies to explode your growth and profits.

Keyword Tool

Go to Google Keyword Tool and utilize their keyword tool to determine what search words and phrases are most popular for your products and services. This is a great tool to narrow down the effective Keywords to use to develop Relevant Content on your websites for the products and services you offer. Using popular keywords to guide your web content, relevant to your specific line of business and expertise, will drive “free” natural Search Engine traffic to your site.

Narrow Your Niche

The narrower your niche, the narrower and more specific your marketing and web content, the more profitable you will be online. Become an expert in a certain area, develop content on your website that is resource based and relevant to your expertise, and develop specific key words to drive traffic to your site. To get an idea what people are buying on the Internet, go to Also be sure to research your competitors on the web.

Effective Marketing Web Page

  • [Squeeze Page]: This is a single request Opt-In webpage that directs the web visitor to Action: Opt-In for a Resource Article or Newsletter or Email List, Make a Purchase, or Get More Product or Service Info. This is an excellent page for visitors who have been pre-qualified via an On-Line Marketing forum. A great page to offer a Free Newsletter, Tips, Article, etc to establish credibility.
  • [Sales Page]: Compelling headlines and delineated benefit points that stress your Product or Service’s value and asks the visitor to Act. Usually a building block process works the best, guiding the visitor to a sale in a serried of steps.
  • [Blog]: Write 3-4 blogs a week about your area of industry and expertise, giving away free advice and information. Many blogs offer areas where visitors can provide feedback. I recommend you read the feedback prior to posting and be sure to respond to all Blog Feedback. A Blog is a fantastic way to dramatically increase targeted traffic to your website, stay in touch with your customers, and generate the viral marketing affect. Check out the ABC Biz Success Blog for an example Blog and be sure to visit the ABC Resource Section for blogging services and platforms.
  • [Membership Web Page]: Put your site’s best, most valuable, exclusive content on a membership site and charge for monthly membership. A membership website has hard to come by experienced-based information, and the member site creates a community of similar goal driven individuals who can communicate through forums and find common solutions. A couple membership sites to check out:
    • The Guerrilla Marketing Association
    • Master Biz Building Club
  • [Online Brochure]: Describe your Products and Services, offer the Benefits and Value of them and ask the visitor to take Action. Action could be a Sales Page that asks for the Sale or an Opt-In for a Free Informational Article (Squeeze Page).

Select a Good Hosting Company

You should expect 99.9% website uptime- reliability and capacity are key factors in picking a hosting company. You don’t want to lose traffic because visitors can’t access your website. Some hosting companies to consider:

  • 1 & 1: Hosting Company and Web Development Platform all in one great priced package. They offer a Free Trial, and the user friendly, My Business Site Package, is a complete Web Hosting and Development Solution for only $9.99 per month.
  • Blue Host

Tip: To check out a Hosting Company for to and see if they have any substantial spam security issues.

Browser Test

It is important that your website looks and works uniformly from one browser to the next. If you use a good Web Development Platform, like 1 and 1, this should not be an issue. All the same, utilize to check out how your web pages appear on different Browsers.


Use Favicons, or small logos that are automatically “sensed” by your web visitors’ favorite browser bar, to make it easier to bookmark your website and serve as an easy reminder to clients.

Web Outsourcing Resources

For areas you want to reach out to a web pro or use an existing user friendly Web Development Platform, here’s a good list to get you started:

1 & 1: Platform that ABC Business Consulting uses.


Rent a


One Page Web

High Power



Think Big

  • [Templates]:




  • [Sales & Squeeze Page Design Services]:

E Cover

Logo Design

Mini Site

E Cover


E Cover

  • [Membership Website Platforms]:




  • [Blogging]:








  • [Logo Designers]:





This article is an excerpt of a Chapter from our Business Success Guide. For the rest of the Chapter, please visit:  The Business Success Guide

The remaining major sections of the book’s Chapter have been left below as an outline so you can get an idea of what else is contained in this Chapter of the Business Success Guide.


Sales Page Tips

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Squeeze Page Tips

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Tracking your web visitor traffic flow is absolutely vital so you can effectively and strategically increase your conversions and …


Use your website to mine customer information as described previously, then send permission based (Opt-In) email to the clients regarding:…

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RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication. These are internet distribution programs that allow people to send and receive …

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Record audio or video, post to your web server and offer it on your website…


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Online Forums, Blogs and Discussion Groups are great places to …

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Affiliate Sales

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Go Viral

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Online Press Release

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Web Automation

As you drive more and more targeted traffic to your Website, it is important to have …

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Add Audio & Video to Your Online Marketing

  • [What Audio Can Add to Your Web Offering]:
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Web Conferences & Seminars

These are ideal Web Marketing Platforms to…

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Web 2.0 and Beyond

Web 2.0 is the new Internet Social Media Technology ….

[2.0 Collaboration Mindset Values]:

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More Web Marketing Tips

Partnership Marketing

The Web is a fantastic way to partner with other …

Outsource & Automate

Using the web as your platform, look at ways to automate (lots have been provided in this article) and outsource …

Build a Virtual Team: Answering Service / System

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