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Level I Business Plan

Level I Business Plan Services

Level I Business Plan Service


This is our Entry Level Business Plan Service and most economical business plan package, yet it is benefit packed and highly effective.

As a business planning firm we offer 5 different levels of business plan consulting and writing services to give our clients the power to choose the right business plan for them (each business plan is then highly customized for each client).

The Level I Business Plan Service includes:  business plan consulting, business plan writing, professional business plan design, implementation support, results tracking, re-works and updates which are all supported by our business plan firm.

In this package you will receive a Business Plan customized by our expert business plan consultants and business plan writers to your specific needs and goals in order to:

  • Start or Acquire a business
  • Run a Business more successfully
  • Obtain Funding for your business via venture capital, an angel investor, a bank, or grant funding**
  • Focus on a specific need, goal, objective or project

**We have over 10 years previous experience in business finance and private equity finance.

MBA Business Plan Team:

Business Plan Writers | Business Plan Consultants | Business Plan Experts

As a business plan consulting company ABC will take the time to get to know your business, ask the right questions, and have unlimited engaged communication and business plan consulting with you during the business plan development and implementation.

For a value based, well priced, business plan package, you have full access during the business plan development and implementation to Frank Goley, the ABC principal business plan consultant, who wrote his first business plan over twenty years ago and is an accomplished author, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant and business coach. Frank has written a book on business planning called the Comprehensive Business Plan Guide and Workbook.

Frank is supported by a team of very experienced business planners, business planning consultants, business plan writers, and business plan experts who are all MBAs with solid business experience and expertise.

Business Plan Service Highlights

  • Market Research Included – All of our business plans include full market research on both an Industry and Market level. See the details below in the Market Research section
  • Customized for Funding – All of our Business Plans can be customized to meet SBA, VC, Investor and Lender standards and requirements.
  • Example Business Plan Format – For an Example Format of what our business plans contain, please see the Section below: What’s Included. Please note that this is a general format- we customize each and every plan for the specific client’s needs and requirements.
  • Business Plan Process – For details on our Business Plan Process, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions. We have streamlined our business planning process considerably, making it much more efficient and effective for our clients. We now handle a lot more of the burden in the business plan development process for our clients which has been really well received. However, we still remain very engaged with our business plan clients through the entire business planning process.
  • Professionally Designed – Your business plan will be designed by professional graphic artists giving you a stylized, magazine type look that will stun the most demanding readers. You will receive a professionally designed and stylized MS Word Version and Print Ready PDF Version. In addition, for FREE you will receive a stylish magazine style Flash Flip Book Version which will absolutely stun the most demanding audience (see an example of the Flip Book version Sample Plan above).
  • Compare Plans – To compare the differences in our four business plan packages, please see our Business Plan Comparison Chart and/or see the Section below: What’s Included

What’s Included in the Level I Business Plan Service:

Business Plan Structure and Organization

The Level I Business Plan Has the following general Sections  (please note that each and every plan we develop is highly customized to the client’s needs and requirements):

  • Executive Summary – Yes (attached to the plan and as a separate version)
  • Company Overview – Yes
  • Products & Services – Yes
  • Business Model – Yes
  • Operation Model – No (See BP Levels II-IV)
  • Market Research – Yes (@ 5 pages)
  • Industry Analysis – Yes
  • Competitor Analysis – No (See BP Levels II-IV)
  • Opportunity Analysis – No (See BP Levels III-IV)
  • SWOT – Yes
  • Marketing Strategy – Detailed (For Comprehensive see BP Levels III-IV)
  • Operations Strategy – Detailed (For Comprehensive see BP Levels III-IV)
  • Management Structure – No (See BP Levels II-IV)
  • Milestones & Timelines – No (See BP Levels II-IV)
  • Financials – 3 Years Basic (See BP Level III for Detailed and BP Level IV for Comprehensive)
  • Risks & Mitigation – No (See BP Levels III-IV)
  • Valuations / Investment Plan – No ($650 add on or get BP Level IV)
  • Investor Deck (or bank/lender presentation) – No ($600 add on or get BP Level IV)

Why Our Business Plans are Better

Why Our Business Plans are Better

  • Highly Experienced – Frank Goley, lead business plan consultant, has over 20 years business planning and consulting experience. Frank is supported by a team of very experienced MBA business planners, business plan experts, business plan writers, and business plan consultants who are all MBAs with solid business experience and expertise.
  • Market Research Included – All of our business plans include full market research! See the details below in the next section…
  • Highly Customized – Completely Customized Plan to Your Business Planning Needs and Specific Objectives. We do not use Pre-Formatted or Sample Plans. All Plans are Custom and Original.
  • Substance & Flair – Our Plans are Highly Substantive and have Full Color Charts, Images, Graphics and Tables. Professionally designed by graphic artists.
  • Sophisticated Financial Analysis – We use Sophisticated Financial Software to Produce High Quality, Detailed Financials. We have expert financial analysts who ensure your financial projections are solid.
  • Targeted – We work with you to Identify and Quantify Highly Targeted Market Segments and Niches.
  • Support – Complete Marketing Analysis, Financial Projections, Strategic and Planning Support.
  • Unlimited Consulting – We offer Unlimited Business Plan Consulting during development.
  • Implementation Support – Business Plan Implementation, Results Tracking, Re-Works and Updates support as needed.
  • The Plan is Yours – You will receive all Work Copy and a Finished Business Plan in Word and PDF (print ready) Formats. Plus for FREE, a Flip Book in Flash format.

Full Market Research

Market Research

Our market research sources and databases are extensive and are updated every three months to ensure the most up to date and current information is analyzed and supplied. We cover over 700 industries and 4,000 products and services. Data and information comes from thousands of sources and is compiled and organized by expert analysts, who also use inside industry connections to acquire industry, market, customer and company level data which is not readily available to the public.

We don’t just supply data and information, we provide real time market, product, service, company and industry level actionable intelligence and insights.

Our Market Research Includes

Demand & SupplyRevenue & Profit
Market Growth
Market Size
Market Segments
Market Structure
Industry Performance
External Drivers
Current Performance
Threats & Opportunities
Life CycleStatistics
Products & Services
Major Markets
Industry Concentration
Life Cycle
Industry Life Cycle
Consolidation Trends
Major CompaniesMarket Share
Minor Companies
Business Environment
300 Key Economic,
and Consumer Indicators
Five Year Forecasts
Products & Markets
Supply Chain
Products & Services
Demand Determinants
Major Markets
International Trade
Business Locations
Competitive Landscape
Market Share ConcentrationKey Success Factors
Operating Conditions
Investment Requirements
Technology & Systems
Revenue Volatility
Regulation & Policy
Industry Assistance
Key Statistics
Industry Data
Annual Change
Key Ratios
Exports & Imports

Pricing, Timing and Terms


Price: $1,700  (save 10% with Pay in Full option — see details below)

Development Time

2 weeks. This time frame can be shortened or lengthened, depending on how quickly we receive information back from clients and the complexity of the plan.

Payment Options

  • Make Payments – One-half to commence plan and One-half at business planning process completion.


  • Pay In Full Discount – 10% off the total package price when paid for in full at commencement of service.

Get Started Today

We will get started on your business success service within mere hours of hiring us! Please choose your payment option below and click the PayPal “Buy Now” button to pay securely using your Credit Card. We look forward to working with you…

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