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Effective Strategies to Grow Your Business

Small Business Marketing Strategies

Article Summary – In my article, Writing a Winning Marketing Plan, I covered the structure and process of a Marketing Plan. This article gives you the meat – specific ways to cost effectively Market your business. In fact, there’s a lot of meat in this article – too much to implement at once. Marketing is a continuous, every day commitment, so over time you can implement many of these strategies. Be sure to use a combination of Marketing Methods and test a wide variety of them to cover your customer base. But do it smart by doing good Marketing Research and properly Segmenting your Market into profitable niches.

Small Business Innovation

Article Summary – In order for Small Businesses to compete in the Global Competitive Business Marketplace, Innovation is imperative. One factor affecting Innovation is Pressure. Pressure from the Competition urges Small Businesses to successfully innovate and adapt. Also, innovation can be encouraged from within a company as employees need a certain amount of pressure to jump start the creative process. Positive, constructive pressure from the top of a company stimulates your people to creatively think outside the box. The real conundrum is converting the creative ideas into a business practice. This is when and where your employees need the most encouragement and positive pressure. As CEO you must demonstrate as much interest and commitment in new product development as you are in existing product lines. Innovation isn’t only producing new ideas but adapting new product versions from your inventory of developed creative ideas. We must foster environments which applies creative imagination to problems and then finding excellent solutions to those problems.

Small Business Success & Failure

Article Summary – Having been a small business owner and consultant for twenty-plus years, I had the opportunity to learn from my own mistakes, as well as, seeing the business failings of others. I have learned over this period that there are definitely reasons why a small business fails; why some are successful; and why certain types of people are more successful business owners and entrepreneurs. The good news is most successful small business owners had many failings before achieving a level of success, and the object of this article is to learn from their mistakes, as well as, take stock in what characteristics entrepreneurs have in common which enhance their chance at success.

Strategies for Managing Small Business Growth

Article Summary – This article picks up where we left off in the ABC Business Consulting Article on Small Business Success and Failure (see above). Having identified why some small businesses succeed and others fail, we will take this concept a step further about what you can do to successfully manage and grow your small business. The Small Business Success and Failure Article established that effective planning provides the foundation from which to start and/or expand a business. With a Business Plan in hand and its implementation into the business successful, we will provide strategies in this article how to grow a young venture, as well as discuss effective management strategies to employ for maturing companies.

Small Business Recession Tactics

Article Summary – So, it is official. We are in a recession. Should you open a new business? Should you be in the small business capital market right now? The simple answer is YES! This article gives you real-time situational advice on how to be successful during a tough Economy.

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Article Summary – I have learned over the last ten years of internet experience that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be an elusive and often overcharged service by “SEO experts.” So in this article I will lay out in a simple, step by step fashion how to do search engine optimization that will get your website noticed in the search engine organics.

Small Business Internet Strategies

Article Summary – The Internet, Networks and Computers have drastically changed how we work and grow companies. This is a highly technical world, and no matter what type of business you are in, chances are you are losing business if you aren’t effectively leveraging and harnessing the power of the Internet, Networks and Computers.

Cost Effective Online Marketing Strategies

Article Summary – This article on Online Marketing Strategies is a continuation and follows up two previously posted ABC Business Consulting Articles on Effective Marketing Plans and Business Internet Strategies (see above). “Effective Marketing Plans” explains what a good Marketing Plan is and how to capitalize on such a plan, such as, Niche Targeting, Competitive Advantage, Marketing Segmentation, Marketing Strategy and so forth. “Business & the Internet” introduces the entrepreneur to the powerful impact the Internet has on a Small Business, and the important components to integrate into a Success Driven Website Development Strategy. This article on Online Marketing picks up from these two fundamental marketing articles to provide Online Marketing Resources, Techniques and Strategies a Biz Owner can use today to achieve cost effective, yet highly profitable, marketing success.