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Ultimate Business Success Service

The Ultimate Business Success Package

The Ultimate Business Success Service

This is our very best business success package designed and implemented for the very best results. With this service offering, we offer a comprehensive solution no other consulting firm can match. This solution will bring you the best results of all of our success services in a cohesive success strategy customized just for your needs and requirements. Our Ultimate Business Success Customers achieve the highest levels of success with in mere months of using this unique service.

The ultimate business success package includes:

  • Business Coaching and Consulting
  • Business Planning
  • Website Design & Development
  • SEO
  • Internet Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Advertising

Here is what one of our Ultimate Success customers had to say about this service:

Phase 1 “I am trying to grow my solar energy and energy efficiency company in a recession. It’s a challenge! I decided I needed a comprehensive approach and assistance from an experienced consultant. I searched on the internet for “business consultant” and found Frank Goley of ABC Business Consulting. After a few discussions with Frank on what I needed and what I was looking for, he presented to me a comprehensive business success solution that included:

1) Development and implementation of a Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Strategic Plan

2) Business Success Analysis & Recommendations

3) Intensive Onsite Business Consulting

4) Design and Development of a new Website to include a custom WordPress Content Management System

5) Search Engine Optimization

6) Internet Marketing Solutions

7) Pay Per Click Campaign

Not only did Frank work closely with me to development these strategies, but he has also implemented these strategies into real world solutions which reflect the strategic direction of my company. The comprehensive planning, consulting and implementation approach ABC Business Consulting offers is quite unique in the marketplace, and I have found it incredibly useful in defining the direction my company needs to take to be successful in this economy and beyond. Thanks Frank for all the help and advice. I look forward to a long term and successful relationship with ABC Business Consulting.”

Phase 2:  “I have been working with Frank Goley of ABC Business Consulting for several months now. The results and benefits have been exceptional. We have been able to significantly grow our business through the business plan implementation, consulting recommendations, and web marketing strategies that Frank has worked closely with me in developing and implementing. Also, the opportunity to consult with Frank at anytime about any business issue or opportunity has been great- he has been a great asset to our business planning and decision making. As a result of Frank’s advice, our newly developed website, and the ongoing internet marketing and SEO campaign, we have seen great results, including: our energy monitor product sales have doubled, our solar system business is on track for a banner year with a three-fold increase, our targeted website visitors have increased 1,500%, and our Bounce Rate is an incredibly low 5%!

Every step of the way, Frank is accountable to his advice, closely monitoring our operations and providing follow up advice and coaching when needed. All results are tracked and marketing campaigns tweaked and re-worked in real time so we minimize wasted marketing dollars and increase sales exponentially. Frank is not just some theoretical consultant, or a coach who gives advice without backing it up. He is very much involved in the implementation of his advice and helps to make sure our plan stays on track. He is really great at finding us new marketing avenues and opportunities, and I value his sage advice on growing our business. If you want someone to maximize your company’s profitability and increase sales, Frank is the guy to call.”

Randy Velker, Owner, Simple Energy Works

Business Success Service One:

Overview of the Remote Business Coaching Service

Note: We can customize this package to an onsite consulting service if needed.

Business Coaching Service

When you want highly experienced business coaching and consulting help and advice for the very best opportunity at business success, all at a great price and flexible to your needs…

Have Frank Goley, the ABC Business Consultant, at your beckon call to help you through tough business situations and decisions, as well as, increase your business success and marketability. Frank will help you develop a business success plan and implement it. If you need that added edge in business to succeed, whether you are an executive, business owner or entrepreneur, Frank has the solutions and track record to help. Frank has been helping company owners succeed for many years–tap his experience and expertise to give you the competitive edge in an ultra competitive marketplace. Be the best you can be! Be challenged!

Frank Goley, the ABC Business Consultant, has many years experience starting, running, growing and turning around businesses in a wide range of industries on a global basis. Frank’s business coaching gives you that added edge of success. This package is designed to give you the help you need to succeed as a business and business owner/executive whether you are an early, growth or mature stage company. The business success program will be customized to your current and future needs.

About the Business Consultant

Frank Goley, the Business Consultant for ABC Business Consulting, has many years experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and business owner. He has written business, marketing, strategic and financial plans; consulted with numerous companies in all growth stages in a wide range of industries; and learned through experience what makes a successful business.

Frank has developed proprietary business success processes for both business planning and consulting services with any type of business to bring measurable, successful results. Writing a business plan or giving some consulting advice really is only 50% of our work. The remaining 50% comes as Frank stays in contact with you to ensure successful implementation of that plan or advice over time, so you can truly tap his level of experience and expertise.

No business coach or plan is right 100% of the time—NEVER! This is why it is important to have an experienced business coach to work with you on correcting any issues or misdirection upon roll out. It is the value and experience of a business coach that really becomes important when the plan or advice is implemented. Moreover, seeing what the consultant does when things need improvement or re-working will be the tell-tale sign of his or her experience and success level. When you engage ABC Business Consulting rest assured you are receiving experienced help who will stick by your side to help ensure your business is as successful as possible over time, not just today or tomorrow…

  • Customer Testimonials – See what our Customers are saying about Frank by visiting the ABC Customer Testimonials Section.
  • Compare Our Business Consulting Packages – Need help determining which business consulting service is best for you? Please see our Business Consulting Services Comparison Chart for full details on all of our consulting and coaching packages.

What’s Included

Included in the Business Coaching Service

  • One on One Remote Business Coaching by the Month or Custom Period of Time via Email and Phone
  • 15 Hours of Coaching Time and Unlimited Business Consulting on the Business Plan
  • Level 3 Business Plan Upgraded to the Level IV Business Plan for FREE!
  • Business Analysis & Recommendations Report
  • Unlimited Updates & Implementation Support to the Business Plan and Recommendations Report for 10 months
  • Business Success Strategies & Solutions
  • Proprietary Business Analysis, Coaching & Consulting Process Developed over 20+ years
  • Optional: Onsite, in-person Business Coaching


Advantages of the Business Coaching Service

    • Business Coaching Help for 3 or more Months
    • Business Leadership Help at the Owner, CEO & Exec Level
    • Entrepreneur Support
    • Personal & Business Level Coaching
    • Have A Success Coach at Your Beckon Call
    • Business Coaching and Consulting expertise built into one package
    • Figure Out Solutions to Tough Business Challenges & Decisions
    • Business and Leadership Success Plan
    • Increase Marketability
    • Recession Proof Business Success Strategies & Solutions
    • Need an Extra Edge to Succeed
    • Business Turnaround help
    • Sophisticated Financial Analysis & Recommendations
    • 10 Months of Unlimited Business Plan Consulting
    • 10 Months of Business Plan Implementation Support
    • 10 Months of Unlimited Business Plan Updates
    • 10 months of Business Recommendations Implementation Support
    • 10 months of Unlimited Updates to the Business Recommendations Report
    • Results Oriented
    • Results Tracking & Measurement
    • Strategy Adjustments
    • Strategic Realignment
    • Action Steps Based
    • Built in Accountability
    • Full Market Research
    • Market Analysis
    • Consultant has 20+ Years Experience
    • Fully Customized to the Client’s Needs and Requirements
    • Highly Substantive Business Plan
    • Business Plan Color Charts and Tables
    • Sophisticated Business Plan Financial Software
    • Target Market Segmentation
    • Client Receives all Business Plan and Report Work Copy- it’s your plan!

Business Success Service Two:

Overview of the Level IV Business Plan Service

Level IV Business Plan Service

This is our most advanced and comprehensive business plan package. The Level IV Plan contains a lot more detail and complexity. It also includes a Valuation, Investment Plan, an Investor Deck (funding presentation), and Comprehensive Financials. The Level IV Plan will be a comprehensive plan which will provide a roadmap on running a Successful Business and be a great tool to track the success of your business. Furthermore, this Comprehensive Plan will make a strong case for a variety of purposes, whether they be as a Funding Plan, Bank Plan, Venture Capital Plan, Investor Plan, Project Plan, Supplier Plan, Sales Plan, Customer Plan, Regulatory Plan and the like. It is Comprehensive & Specific Purpose- all rolled into one and offered at a value price point.

This plan also includes SIX months of business plan consulting, implementation support, results tracking, re-works and updates. For our incredible Value Price, this plan accomplishes a lot for the business owner! A plan of this magnitude, scope and detail is generally priced up to double our pricing. In this package you will receive a Business Plan customized to your specific needs and goals in order to:

  • Start or Acquire a business
  • Run a Business more successfully
  • Obtain Funding via venture capital, an angel investor, a bank, or grant funding**
  • Focus on a specific need, goal, objective or project

**We have over 10 years previous experience in business finance and private equity finance.

ABC will take the time to get to know your business, ask the right questions and have unlimited engaged communication and consulting with you during the plan’s development and implementation. For a value based, well priced, business plan package, you have full access during the business plan development and implementation to Frank Goley, the ABC business success consultant, who wrote his first business plan over twenty years ago and is an accomplished entrepreneur and consultant. Frank is supported by a team of very experienced business planners who are all MBAs with solid business experience and expertise. This business plan package also includes implementation, tracking and measurement support. ABC will help you to track the plan’s results and make any business plan reworks or updates as necessary during the plan implementation.

  • Market Research Included – All of our business plans include full market research on both an Industry and Market level! See details below…
  • Customized for Funding – All of our Business Plans can be customized to meet SBA, VC, Investor and Lender standards and requirements.
  • Example Business Plan Format – For an Example Format of what our business plans contain, please see the Section below: What’s Included
  • Business Plan Process – For details on our Business Plan Process, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions. We have streamlined our business planning process considerably, making it much more efficient and effective for our clients. We now handle a lot more of the burden in the business plan development process for our clients which has been really well received.
  • Professionally Designed – Your business plan will be designed by professionals giving you a stylized, magazine type look that will stun the most demanding readers. You will receive a professionally designed and stylized MS Word Version and Print Ready PDF Version. In addition, for FREE you will receive a stylish magazine style FlipBook Version which will absolutely stun the most demanding audience (see an example of the FlipBook version Sample Plan above).

What’s Included

The Level IV Business Plan Has the Following Sections.

  • Executive Summary – Yes (attached to the plan and a separate version)
  • Company Overview – Yes
  • Products & Services – Yes
  • Business Model – Yes
  • Operation Model – Yes
  • Market Research – Yes (@ 20 pages)
  • Industry Analysis – Yes
  • Competitor Analysis – Yes
  • Opportunity Analysis – Yes
  • SWOT – Yes
  • Marketing Strategy – Comprehensive
  • Operations Strategy – Comprehensive
  • Management Structure – Yes
  • Milestones & Timelines – Yes
  • Financials – 5 Years Comprehensive
  • Risks & Mitigation – Yes
  • Valuations / Investment Plan – Yes
  • Investor Deck (or bank/lender presentation) – Yes

Why Our Plans are Better

Why Our Level IV Business Plan is Better

  • Highly Experienced – Frank Goley, lead consultant, has over 20 years business planning and consulting experience. Frank is supported by a team of very experienced business planners who are all MBAs with solid business experience and expertise.
  • Market Research Included – All of our business plans include full market research! See details below…
  • Highly Customized – Completely Customized Plan to Your Business Planning Needs and Specific Objectives. We do not use Pre-Formatted or Sample Plans. All Plans are Custom and Original.
  • Substance & Flair – Our Plans are Highly Substantive and have Full Color Charts, Graphics and Tables. Professionally designed.
  • Sophisticated Financial Analysis – We use Sophisticated Financial Software to Produce High Quality, Detailed Financials.
  • Targeted – We work with you to Identify and Quantify Highly Targeted Market Segments and Niches.
  • Support – Complete Marketing Analysis, Projections, Strategy and Plan Support.
  • Unlimited Consulting – We offer Unlimited Business Plan Consulting via Phone & Email for SIX Months.
  • Implementation Support – Business Plan Implementation, Results Tracking, Re-Works and Updates for SIX Months.
  • The Plan is Yours – You will receive all Work Copy and a Finished Business Plan in Word and PDF (print ready) Formats.
  • Financial Workbook – You will receive a Financial Workbook in Excel Format.

Full Market Research

Full Market Research Included in our Business Plans

Our market research sources and databases are extensive and are updated every three months to ensure the most up to date and current information is analyzed and supplied. We cover over 700 industries and 4,000 products and services. Data and information comes from thousands of sources and is compiled and organized by expert analysts, who also use inside industry connections to acquire industry, market, customer and company level data which is not readily available to the public. We don’t just supply data and information, we provide real time market, product, service, company and industry level actionable intelligence and insights.

Our Market Research Includes

Demand & SupplyRevenue & Profit
Market Growth
Market Size
Market Segments
Market Structure
Industry Performance
External Drivers
Current Performance
Threats & Opportunities
Life CycleStatistics
Products & Services
Major Markets
Industry Concentration
Life Cycle
Industry Life Cycle
Consolidation Trends
Major CompaniesMarket Share
Minor Companies
Business Environment
300 Key Economic,
and Consumer Indicators
Five Year Forecasts
Products & Markets
Supply Chain
Products & Services
Demand Determinants
Major Markets
International Trade
Business Locations
Competitive Landscape
Market Share ConcentrationKey Success Factors
Operating Conditions
Investment Requirements
Technology & Systems
Revenue Volatility
Regulation & Policy
Industry Assistance
Key Statistics
Industry Data
Annual Change
Key Ratios
Exports & Imports

Business Success Services Three & Four:

Web Design, Web Development, SEO, Internet Marketing and Pay Per Click Service Overview

Website Design & Development Service

This is a great Internet Success Package that leaves nothing to chance for your company’s future online success. ABC will develop a full solution Website Design, Web Development, SEO and Internet Marketing Strategy so your website captures a targeted web presence. Web business is vital to a company’s success plan in today’s business world. A website should reflect a company’s niche and focus. We are specialists in that task!

You will receive a well positioned Website with a strong Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Strategy, along with unlimited consulting, updates, re-works and tweaking as is necessary during the web roll out. All of this combined with the experience of a business consultant who has been developing websites and conducting business on the internet for over 12 years. All at a fantastic value and price! You can leave all your website requirements to us without having to manage multiple vendors and waste valuable time and money.

What’s Included

Design & Develop a Clean, Professional, Content-Rich Website

Design & Develop a Clean, Professional, Content Rich Website

  • 10, 20, or more Website Pages
  • Great Looking Design for a Very Affordable Price – Our Web Designers are awesome
  • Clean Coding and Scripting – Our Web Developer is simply the best (really)
  • Fast Loading Website
  • Easy to Navigate Website
  • Flash & JavaScript Presentations and Professional Videos
  • Website Custom Design, Development & Programming
  • A Design that Promotes Sales – has a call to action
  • A Website that Captures a Company’s Strategic Direction & Goals
  • A Website that is Designed around a comprehensive Marketing Strategy & Program
  • A Website that Brings in More Sales Inquiries – gets your phone ringing and emails coming in
  • A Highly Search Engine Optimized Website that Gets Rankings and Targeted Traffic – effective SEO starts on the website itself
  • Social Media Sites to Augment the Main Website – SEO and Social go hand in hand
  • User Friendly (Customized) Content Management System- We are WordPress Experts (and can customize other CMS platforms such as Joomla and Drupal)
  • Website Consulting, Support & Updates
  • E-Commerce
  • Accept Credit Cards on your website
  • Hosting, Email and Domain Name Registration – we can recommend the right hosting solution to meet your needs – we can set it all up
  • Newsletter design and implementation
  • Logo, brochure, business card designs and more- we offer a complete branding solution.
  • We also Do Website Re-Designs!

Website Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing + Pay Per Click Advertising

Website Search Engine Optimization and Web Marketing

This service will be rolled out over a six month period to give you maximum Search Engine ranking results. We get results very quickly and build on those results day in and day out.

  • Develop Solid Website Content and In-Content, Contextual Back Links – Content is King in a good SEO strategy because in the end it is Content that brings targeted visitors and gets noticed by the Search Engines, resulting in better rankings. Moreover, other websites and blogs having in-content, contextual links back to your site adds authority to your website’s content, generating better search rankings.We know this from experience. As an example, see how we rank on Google for the highly competitive keyword: “business consultant”. We are always at the top, and we are number one on Yahoo/Bing. We receive this great ranking by good use of quality, targeted content and a good back link strategy. We practice what we preach and make a living from the internet. Our SEO must work on a daily basis. Our SEO targets over 200+ keywords!
  • Search Engine Optimization on the Entire Website
  • Picture, Keyword, Title and Page Description Meta Tags
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Sitemap XML Creation and Submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask
  • Website Sub-Pages Quick Indexing and Promotion
  • Social Networks Promotion
  • Search Engine Ranking Tracking
  • Diverse Back Linking Service (anchor text)
  • Internet Directory Submissions
  • Social Bookmark Promotion and Back Links
  • Article Marketing and Blog Marketing Service (contextual back links) – We do this on a daily basis (daily fresh content with links is the key to getting good rankings)
  • Blog and RSS Feed Directory Submissions
  • Press Release Submissions
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Comprehensive PPC Campaign (Google, and/or Bing/Yahoo, and/or Social Networks, and/or Business Networks) – We are experts in managing a PPC campaign that is highly optimized to bring the very lowest Pay Per Click cost, yet bring a high ROI. We synch up the PPC strategy with the SEO strategy to maximize your targeted traffic, reduce your advertising per click costs dramatically, and to fully optimize the performance of your organic and paid traffic. By merging the SEO with PPC, you get the very best of both worlds without the prohibitive costs of PPC. Pay Per Click, if done singularly on its own, can be highly expensive for the often low ROI obtained. We overcome this inherant challenge with our proprietary SEO/PPC system. We manage PPC completely differently than any Web Marketing firm out there based upon our unique 12 years of internet marketing and SEO experience.

Examples of Our Work

Aphronze Project

Custom Website Design & Development, SEO, Internet Marketing, and PPC Advertising

Aphronze Architects hired ABC Business Consulting to help create a new strategic direction for the 15 year old architectural design company. ABC went to work and first created a business plan that laid out the implementation plan for the company’s complete re-branding and re-positioning, going from a firm that mostly specialized in public design projects to one that is now targeting high end residential, commercial and mixed use real estate development projects. With the strategic plan in place, ABC went to work on creating a brand new image for the company. A new company name was determined, a new logo designed, and new marketing collateral developed. Then ABC proceeded with the new website. ABC developed all the content, and designed and developed the new website from scratch.

The website shows a stunning and high end design, with incredible usability features.  There is an English and Chinese version of the website to aid with the localization of the company’s target markets.  The website has a JavaScript Presentation on the home page that is very search engine and mobile user friendly. Professionally produced videos are featured throughout the website to increase stickiness and conversions. Architectural project examples of the architects’ design capabilities are shown throughout the website, including an extensive and impressive design portfolio.

ABC has executed high level search engine optimization on the website so it ranks quickly in the client’s target market areas. Within mere hours of taking the new website live, highly targeted organic (natural) search engine traffic starting flowing through the website in all of its target markets. The blog features rich content that will be an impressive architectural design resource and will further help with the SEO and ranking of the website. A custom Newsletter system has been developed and implemented, along with a social networking strategy. A sophisticated, yet easy to use, SEO system has been installed in the client’s custom WordPress CMS for easy future SEO implementations. The Content Management System has been customized around the client’s exact requirements, making website management and maintenance a snap, as well as, being extremely user friendly.

ABC will be handling a six month SEO and PPC campaign for the client, along with a email, phone and direct mail campaign, that targets Pan Asia, China, and Europe. ABC is utilizing its international team and connections to execute a highly targeted campaign to get Aphronze noticed in key target market areas instantly. Understanding how to do business in China is critical, and ABC has the knowledge, expertise and experience to help companies successfully target China for their products and services. Ongoing business coaching and consulting will be performed by ABC to help Aphronze transition into its new position as a highly skilled, high end, Western style design firm.

This is What the Client had to Say About Our Work:

“When we first hired Mr. Frank Goley of ABC Business Consulting several months ago, we were effectively closed down for business for well over a year, and waiting for a start over in a new market (Architectural design services in the real estate development market in China) as a business come back. We came to Frank with poor knowledge of marketing, business planning, and a lousy website which was self-edited based on a cheap template, as well as, tons of questions of “why the phone never rings ? and why no traffic is coming to our website at all?”

ABC Business Consulting’s Website Design, Development, SEO and Marketing service really works for our company as a total solution, including custom website design and development, PPC campaign, SEO campaign, YouTube design, social network campaign, etc…The Website design itself is definitely one of the kind in our industry, outstanding and competitive, with all the advantages of being user friendly, attractive, yet simple to navigate. It is elegant and attractive to represent a high end image to our customers, and designed in a very logical and informative way that reveals our professional expertise and insight.

The PPC campaign and SEO campaign that Frank has launched for us are extremely market oriented, with such an enormous  coverage, and utilization of every possible and useful platform and channel. The back end management is sustainable with adequate capacity. It is a completely robust system!

I just can’t thank Frank enough for his help with our website design and development, especially with the multiple language versions and requiring advanced technology to operate the system to full performance. Frank has always successfully surmounted the challenges and brought out the extraordinary deliverable that exceeds our expectations.

With Frank’s help, we now are positioned to get back on our feet again and start regeneration of the business. I would love to say ‘thank you’ to Frank for what he’s done so far, and we will definitely keep on consulting with him as our business coach and mentor well into the future.”

Angie S.H., President, Aphronze

Simple Energy Works Project

Custom Website Design & Development, SEO, Internet Marketing, and PPC Advertising

Simple Energy Works website screenshot

Simple Energy Works hired ABC Business Consulting to provide them a comprehensive business success solution that would increase their revenues and profitability in this tough post-recession economy. ABC started by getting to know the client’s business, and we developed a full Business Analysis, Business Recommendations Report, Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Strategic Plan. With a firm understanding of the company’s Strategic goals and direction, ABC designed from scratch a custom website that was stunning, clean, inviting, call-to-action oriented, and most importantly, reflected the client’s strategic objectives. The website design included professionally designed and produced product videos to increase stickiness and conversions.

ABC custom developed a WordPress CMS so the client could easily manage the website in the future and add content as needed. The custom development also centered around high level Search Engine Optimization, maximizing the structure and performance of the website for highest SEO benefit. The result is a stunning design with a highly customized development platform which has garnered search engine attention and rankings within mere days of taking the website live. ABC is handling the offsite and onsite SEO, as well as, Internet Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising for the client.

This is what the client had to say about our work:

Phase 1: “Frank Goley with ABC Business Consulting has done a fantastic job in creating a stunning website for my company, Simple Energy Works. Not only is the design inviting, but I am really excited about the sales process strategy and design integrated into the website, which with finesse calls website visitors to take action. This is something that my previous website failed to do well. Frank’s website designers also really did a bang up job in designing my social media properties and created a website within a Facebook Fanpage that is just incredible!

Moreover, Frank re-worked and developed new content for the website, then optimized the content for the search engines. In as little as a few days, my website has already starting ranking as a result of Frank’s content and search engine optimization work on the website. Frank also came up with the idea to have a Solar Case Studies section on the website, which proves out how solar energy systems make a lot of financial sense, and it adeptly showcases our expertise in designing and installing solar systems.

Not only is the frontend of my website great, but I am even more amazed with the backend WordPress customization and CMS. Frank’s web developer customized the WordPress platform into an easy to use tool for me to manage content, add content, send newsletters, and so much more. Frank installed a WP plugin that helps make Search Engine Optimization a snap for me in the future as I create more content, and added another plugin to help the overall performance of the website. It isn’t just the plugins that were installed, but more importantly, how Frank’s web developer customized the plugins and the WP platform for my particular need and use. Really fantastic!

ABC Business Consulting is now implementing the off page search engine optimization and internet marketing strategy, and I look forward to the increased business this website is bound to create for me. Even in the few short days since my new website went live, I am already getting great rankings where I had none before. My website is going to be a marketing machine, even in this recession!  Thanks for going the extra mile and doing the “little things” that really add up to great value and results!”

Phase 2: “I have been working with Frank Goley of ABC Business Consulting for several months now. The results and benefits have been exceptional. We have been able to significantly grow our business through the business plan implementation, consulting recommendations, and web marketing strategies that Frank has worked closely with me in developing and implementing. Also, the opportunity to consult with Frank at anytime about any business issue or opportunity has been great- he has been a great asset to our business planning and decision making. As a result of Frank’s advice, our newly developed website, and the ongoing internet marketing and SEO campaign, we have seen great results, including: our energy monitor product sales have doubled, our solar system business is on track for a banner year with a three-fold increase, our targeted website visitors have increased 1,500%, and our Bounce Rate is an incredibly low 5%! If you want someone to maximize your company’s profitability and increase sales, Frank is the guy to call.”

Randy Velker, Owner, Simple Energy Works

The Ultimate Success Package Pricing, Timing and Terms


Package Price of $25,000. This is an incredible savings of $5,000. The Business Plan Service is Upgraded to the Level 4 Business Plan for Free. Note: Some package solutions may be more or less, depending on the project requirements.

Service & Plan Development Time

The Ultimate Business Success Package is rolled out over a 6 month period where we phase in the described services. We strive to have a comprehensive approach, yet look for opportunities immediately to create strong ROI for you.

Payment Options

  • Make Payments – 60% to commence service. 20% at 60 days, or at completion of website design, whichever comes first. 20% at 90 days.


  • Pay In Full Discount – 10% off the total package price when paid for in full at commencement of service. This saves you $2,500 on top of the $5,000 you are already saving (total of $7,500 in savings).

Get Started Today

We will get started on your business success service within mere hours of hiring us! We accept payment via Credit Card (PayPal Invoice), Check and Bank Wire. Give us a Call or Email us to ask us questions and to get started…