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Web SEO and Internet Marketing Service

Search Engine Optimization & Web Marketing Services Overview

Web SEO & Internet Marketing Service

This is a great Online Business Success Package and leaves nothing to chance for your company’s future online success. ABC will develop a full solution SEO and Marketing Strategy so your website captures a targeted web presence. Internet business is vital to a company’s success plan in today’s business world. You will receive a well positioned Website with a strong Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing Strategy, along with unlimited consulting, updates, re-works and tweaking as is necessary during the roll out.

All of this combined with the experience of Frank Goley, business consultant, who has been developing websites and conducting business on the internet for over 12 years. All at a fantastic value and price! You can leave all your website SEO and Marketing requirements to us without having to manage multiple vendors and waste valuable time and money.

What’s Included

Website Search Engine Optimization

Included in the Website SEO & Marketing Service

White Hat SEO Program

How it Works: We use a combination of White Hat SEO strategies customized to your specific strategic niche. Never any risk to your main website. 100% search engine (Google) friendly.

On Site SEO:  All good SEO starts with SEO on your website and web properties with good SEO structure and content (something we are pro’s in).

Off Site SEO:  A couple of the SEO strategies we employ are explained below (please note that we have Multiple SEO strategies and customize them per our client’s needs).

Off Site SEO Strategy 1: Create Highly SEOed Recommendation Websites

  • We research your keywords and come up with an extensive list of keyword combinations: can be hundreds of keywords! We go after the most and least competitive. We go after all the probable and possible keywords and keyword combinations! Comprehensive and massive keyword coverage.
  • We research your Geo targeting and determine exactly where you want to target your SEO campaign. You can target Cities and States. You can target on the National, International, Regional and Local basis. You can target by street name, parts of a city, a particular city and its suburbs, a state, different cities in a state, all 50 states, international countries and cities…Geo Targeting on a massive scale basis if necessary!
  • We create several content (referral/recommendation) websites with unique IPs. These referral websites are highly SEOed. These are the sites we get to rank, and they point to your Landing page of choice (not a redirect – visitors click a banner image or other links to navigate to your “recommended” site).
  • After the first run has been well indexed, on the next runs, sometimes we will link the content (referral/recommendation) websites together in a one way fashion to give them more SEO force and authority (if and as needed).
  • Why do we have multiple referral websites? So you can get multiple positions on the front page of Google for the different websites for the same keyword phrase, giving you more real estate and visibility in the search results. This vastly improves and increases click rates and conversions.
  • Each referral website page will link to your Landing page (no follow tag) and sometimes a separate website (do follow tag), such as a social website (youtube, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc) or any separate (different domain) website you want. This way you can drive immense traffic to your Landing page for thousands of keywords and also back link a separate website- each referral website page does double duty. This way your referral pages and your separate website will rank for these keywords. Powerful!
  • Each referral website has a customized Banner Image which when clicked on will send prospects to your Landing page on your website. The banner image will have your Company Name and Phone number so prospects don’t even have to navigate to your website landing page to get in touch with you. (we leave nothing to chance)
  • We will SEO your main website, along with your Landing page.
  • We will create a new Landing page for you if needed.
  • We can create a YouTube video or Social Site for you if necessary.
  • We submit the sitemaps to Google to encourage quick indexing and subsequent ranking. We install analytics on the referral websites so we can track traffic, click thru and keywords.
  • We run the program for 12 months, and you can renew the program so you can continue to build high ranking, high authority referral websites.

Off Site SEO Strategy 2: Create a Blog with continuous, professionally written Content

  • The blog pushes out multiple pieces of content on a daily basis
  • The blog links to your website’s landing pages which have been SEOed
  • We steadily increase the authority and popularity of the blog, which helps the target website increase ranking for specified keywords and URLs
  • We use social networks, web 2.0s and a variety of diversified content linking to the blog to increase its authority and ranking (double effect)
  • A multi-tiered, multi-platform approach

**We can also employ our other white hat SEO tactics and strategies as necessary for your website. We use multiple SEO tactics and strategies to ensure your web success. 

Are you experiencing Panda and Penguin issues with your website? We can help with that too!

We also do PPC Advertising! We have a very unique approach to PPC which maximizes targeted traffic, increases CTR, and lowers per click costs. Ask us for a custom quote…

Results Based SEO – Client Testimonials

Our SEO is results based. We do continuous tracking and tweaking to SEO projects so they perform at the highest level possible.

This is what clients have to say about our SEO & Internet Marketing work:

“We are an Architect firm, and nowadays China has become a huge market that we have to enter and get traction in order to succeed. However when entering the market, we face extremely high competition there as many other architectural firms think the same way. Therefore, the key factor of a successful business in China is not only how good you are, but it is also how people find out who you are and how well you stand out among the fierce competition.

Frank’s SEO and PPC strategy has successfully helped us build visibility, accessibility and credibility with our prospects. For visibility, Frank has helped with the targeted ranking of our website with remarkable progress shortly after implementation. And his internet strategy also provides interested prospects good accessibility not only to our website, but also to their interests with related web pages. With the synergy effect of visibility (top ranking) and accessibility (linkage to related interests and well developed content web pages), we have gained valuable credibility in our markets.

For the last week alone, we had received calls from a prospect in Hebei (Northern China) for a high-tech industrial project and another one in Guangdong (Southern China) for a resort project. It proves that Frank’s SEO and PPC strategy successfully covers a wide range of regions and industries in China as we desired and required.

Also, in addition to the SEO and PPC marketing, Frank set up an in-country social, email, mail and phone marketing system in China for us that has produced a very large commercial mixed-use real estate development project for us in Southern China to work on.

The results with Frank Goley and ABC Business Consulting are amazing! Thank you Frank for all the awesome work you have done for us.”

– Angie S.H., President, Aphronze

Phase 1: “Frank Goley with ABC Business Consulting has done a fantastic job in creating a stunning website for my solar company, Simple Energy Works. Not only is the design inviting, but I am really excited about the sales process strategy and design integrated into the website, which with finesse calls website visitors to take action. This is something that my previous website failed to do well. Frank’s website designers also really did a bang up job in designing my social media properties and created a website within a Facebook Fanpage that is just incredible!

Moreover, Frank re-worked and developed new content for the solar company website, then optimized the content for the search engines. In as little as a few days, my website has already starting ranking as a result of Frank’s content and search engine optimization work on the website. Frank also came up with the idea to have a Solar Case Studies section on the website, which proves out how solar energy systems make a lot of financial sense, and it adeptly showcases our expertise in designing and installing solar systems.

ABC Business Consulting is now implementing the off page search engine optimization and internet marketing strategy for our solar business, and I look forward to the increased business this website is bound to create for me. Even in the few short days since my new website went live, I am already getting great rankings where I had none before. My website is going to be a marketing machine, even in this recession!  Thanks for going the extra mile and doing the “little things” that really add up to great value and results!”

Phase 2: “I have been working with Frank Goley of ABC Business Consulting for several months now. The results and benefits have been exceptional. We have been able to significantly grow our solar energy business through the business plan implementation, consulting recommendations, and web marketing strategies that Frank has worked closely with me in developing and implementing. Also, the opportunity to consult with Frank at anytime about any business issue or opportunity has been great- he has been a great asset to our business planning and decision making.

As a result of Frank’s advice, our newly developed website, and the ongoing internet marketing and SEO campaign, we have seen great results, including: our energy monitor product sales have doubled, our solar system business is on track for a banner year with a three-fold increase, our targeted website visitors have increased 1,500%, and our Bounce Rate is an incredibly low 5%!

If you want someone to maximize your company’s profitability and increase sales, Frank is the guy to call.”

— Randy Velker, Owner, Simple Energy Works

“I had an idea and Frank made it a reality!

I found Frank through a web-search for “internet business consultants” and of course he was ranked #1.

I figured this was a good sign, so I gave him a call. Come to find out his business was just a few miles from my home town.

He was very nice and was able to work within my budget to design an awesome looking website just like I wanted.

He also said he would get my website ranked within the search engines.  I was expecting anywhere from 2 – 6 months for this to happen, but within 2 days of my site going live I was ranked 5th, and within a week and a half I was coming up #1 on Google.

Frank has done everything he said and more.  Since we started working together we have exchanged over 370 emails. Every conference call has been right on time and every email has been answered in an informative and timely manner.

The website has been live now for only 2 weeks, and it has already produced a couple sales.

I am looking forward to seeing my company grow with Frank’s undivided help now and in the future.

Thanks Frank! You’re the best!”

— Mike Rizzio, Owner, e-CigVapors

Pricing, Timing and Terms


Our Comprehensive SEO and Internet Marketing Service Package price is $6,000. This covers a 12 month period and includes several custom SEO strategies. This is a comprehensive solution that will get high rankings for many keywords for a sustained period of time.

**Please Note**: We can typically customize an SEO solution for different budget levels, so please Contact Us for a custom quote that will better fit with your budget requirements.

Service Development Time

The Web SEO and Internet Marketing Services are rolled out over a 12 month period to maximize results. We generate results very quickly and keep building on that momentum day in and day out.

Payment Terms

50% due at service commencement and the remaining 50% due in 30 days.

We will provide a 10% Discount for projects that are paid in full at service commencement.

We accept Credit Card payments via PayPal Invoicing.

Get Started Today

We will get started on your web success within mere hours of hiring us! Give us a Call or Email us to get started…

Our Service Areas Include:

We handle US projects on a national basis as well as international projects.

We are located in Williamsburg, Virginia and our Virginia service coverage includes the Hampton Roads area, Richmond Metro Area, Northern Virginia area, Washington DC, and these Virginia cities/counties: Richmond | Williamsburg | Newport News | Hampton | Norfolk | Portsmouth | Chesapeake | VA Beach | Suffolk | Smithfield | Franklin | Poquoson | Gloucester County | Isle of Wight County | James City County | York County | Surry County | Mathews County.

If your company resides in North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, West Virginia, or a neighboring state, don’t worry, we can help you too!

We also do business in all fifty states and worldwide.