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Monthly Business Consulting & Coaching

Remote Business Consulting & Coaching Service

About the Business Consultant


When you want highly experienced business consulting and coaching help and advice for the very best opportunity at business success, all at a great price and flexible to your needs, this is a great service for you…

The Monthly Business Consulting & Coaching Package is great for companies who want the best pricing for our business coach, business consultant and management consultant services over a period of weeks, months, or a time period that is relevant for the need. This coaching and consulting package offers the ultimate opportunity at success and develops a close and profitable relationship with an experienced and passionate business consultant. If you are serious about achieving business success, even in this up and down economy, this success package is for you…

Frank Goley, CEO of ABC Business Consulting, has over 20 years experience starting, running, growing and turning around businesses in a wide range of industries on a global basis. Frank’s business consulting and business coaching gives you that added edge of success. This consulting package is designed to give you the help you need to succeed as a business whether you are an early, growth or mature stage company. The business success coaching program will be customized to your current and future needs.

Contact Frank right now @ 757-345-0968 or via Email to set up a FREE 30 minute Consultation

Other Coaching & Consulting Services We Offer Include:

About the Business Consultant / Business Coach

Frank Goley has many years experience as a management consultant, business consultant, business coach, entrepreneur and business owner. He has developed business, marketing, strategic and financial plans; consulted with numerous companies in all growth stages in a wide range of industries; and learned through experience what makes a successful business.

Frank has developed proprietary business success processes for business planning and consulting services with any type of business to bring measurable, successful results. Writing a business plan or giving consulting/coaching advice really is only 50% of our work. The remaining 50% comes as Frank stays in contact with you to ensure successful implementation of that plan or advice over time, so you can truly tap his level of experience and expertise.

No business consultant, business coach, or business plan is right 100% of the time—NEVER! This is why it is important to have an experienced consultant and coach to work with you on correcting any issues or misdirection upon roll out. It is the value and experience of a business/management consultant that really becomes important when the plan or advice is implemented. Moreover, seeing what the business coach does when things need improvement or re-working will be the tell-tale sign of his or her experience and success level. When you engage ABC Business Consulting rest assured you are receiving experienced help who will stick by your side to help ensure your business is as successful as possible over time, not just today or tomorrow…

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What’s Included in this Consulting & Coaching Package

What's Included in Monthly Remote Business Consulting Service

  • One on One Remote Business Consulting & Coaching by the Month or a Custom Time Period via Email, Phone, Skype
  • Detailed Business Analysis & Recommendations (Implementation) Report
  • Implementation Support for the Recommendation Report
  • Business Success Strategies & Solutions, including Implementation
  • Proprietary Business Analysis, Coaching & Consulting Process Developed over 20+ years


Advantages of the Monthly Consulting Service

  • Best Pricing Structure for consulting help (verses our Hourly Consulting Package)
  • Consistent Help to Grow a Profitable Company
  • Business Success Strategies that work even in a Down Economy
  • Ultimate Opportunity at Business Success
  • Build a Profitable Relationship with an Experienced Business Coach & Management Consultant
  • Don’t have the additional cost of onsite consulting
  • Business Turnaround help
  • Business Recommendations Implementation Support
  • Updates to the Business Recommendations Report as needed
  • Results Oriented
  • Results Tracking & Measurement
  • Strategy Adjustments
  • Strategic Realignment
  • Based on Action Steps
  • Built in Accountability
  • Consultant has 20+ Years Experience
  • Fully Customized to the Client’s Needs and Requirements

Pricing, Timing and Terms

Price / Terms:

$1,000 for 10 hours Consulting over a custom period of time relevant to the client’s needs

Savings for this Package: $500.

$500 per 5 hours Consulting thereafter. Savings: $250.

10 hours Initial Minimum, thereafter 5 Hours minimum at a time.

Service Development Time:

Weeks / Months- customized to the client’s need. The time estimate can be longer or shorter depending on a host of variables. We work quickly and provide quality work. Consulting time and package can be customized specific to client requirements.

Payment Options

  • Make Payments – $500 to commence service. $500 at halfway point.


  • Pay In Full Discount – 10% off the total package price when paid for in full at commencement of service (when entire 10 hour package is paid for upfront).

Get Started Today

We will get started on your business success service within mere hours of hiring us! Please choose your payment option below and click the PayPal “Buy Now” button to pay securely using your Credit Card. We look forward to working with you…

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