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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your business plan process?

Frank Goley, Business Consultant, has been developing business plans for many years, and in that time he has developed a proprietary process to most effectively and efficiently produce a successful business plan, whether it is to run your business more successfully, obtain funding through a funding business plan, target a certain area of your business, or develop a specialized business plan for a project. We also have a proven and time tested business consulting and coaching process for companies that require remote support, onsite assistance, or turnaround services.

Phase One

ABC will consult with you on the phone to learn about you, your business and your exact goals and needs in the business planning process. We will also review any existing business plans, marketing plans or strategic plans you currently have and discuss your opinion on the success of those existing plans. We will make a plan on how we will proceed and work together to produce the very best plan for your goals and objectives.

Phase Two

ABC will customize its business planning process to your specific needs and objectives. We will then issue you simple questions and requirements to answer.

Phase Three

Once you complete the questions and requirements, you will simply email that back to us for us to immediately review and comment back to you (if and as necessary). We have built in business planning advice into the business plan process to uncover hidden opportunities and bring to light any hidden dangers.

Phase Four

We develop the plan and understand that speed and timing is of the essence when developing a business plan. Our process is set up to keep the business planning process highly efficient.

Phase Five

Once you have received the finished business plan, we will ask you to review it and provide any feedback, from which we can make any adjustments if necessary. At this time we will also discuss your implementation of the plan. ABC Business Consulting does not desert you at the conclusion of the planning process. In fact, we feel our work for you is just beginning, and as a result, we offer unlimited business consulting via email and phone to ensure the plan meets your expectations and to help you adjust the plan as necessary moving forward. A plan is only a piece of paper, the implementation of the plan is the most important aspect of the business planning process. ABC will help you every step of the way to ensure successful implementation and tracking of the plan. We offer extended periods of plan updates so we can stay connected with you and your business to ensure your business plan is adjusted and tweaked as needed.

What is your Business Consulting Process?

We have an article that answers this question fully. Please go to: All About Business Consultants and Business Consulting- The Inside View of a Good Business Consulting Process. Our consulting process is highly customized to the specific needs and goals of each client.

Will you write the business plan for me?

ABC Business Consulting won’t just “write a plan for you.” We will develop a plan in close consultation with you through our proven proprietary planning process (see above for details on our planning process). There are a lot of business plan “writers” out there that will have a quick phone conference with you for an hour or two and then write the entire plan. We feel this type of process will produce a poor quality plan, and as business consultants with many years experience developing business plans and running companies, we feel strongly that our client is the expert of their business and should be engaged closely with us in the business planning process. This type of engaged process ensures that we produce a business plan for you that will be effective, bring you business success, and won’t sit on your shelf collecting dust!

What guarantees to your plans and services do you offer?

We are big believers in standing behind the quality of our work and the results that our plans and advice bring. This is why we offer unlimited business consulting with all of our planning packages so that we can help you track the results of a plan, and we can help make changes as necessary moving forward. We will set milestones and goals for all of the services we offer you so we can track and measure those results, and, most importantly, make tweaks and adjustments as the plan or advice rolls out. No plan or piece of advice on its own is immune to market changes or changes in the business industry, so it is our policy as part of all our services to remain engaged with our clients even after we have finished completing the terms of the service. Your success is our success, and we want to help you any way we can for you to succeed! We stand behind all of our work and have built in accountability measures in all the services we offer.

How much are your services?

Please see our Business Success Services section for details on our pricing and business success packages. You will find that our pricing is not in the high range, nor are we in low range by any means. We are priced mid-range but be sure to see what you get for that business success investment. All of our services and plans are priced on a set package price level so you know what the costs are upfront and can plan accordingly. We also bill in thirds or half’s depending on the service, so you do not have to tie up your funds unnecessarily during our business success process. Once you review what is contained in each of our business success packages, you will immediately see the incredible value built in to each package, quickly realizing that our pricing is extremely competitive for not just what you receive in a business success package but as importantly, the level of experience and expertise for that price level. If price level is a primary concern for you right now, we recommend our Level I Business Plan Package– it is an excellent place to start with ABC Business Consulting to see how good we really are and designed so you can come back in the future at discounted prices to take advantage of our more in-depth business success solutions.

Also, due to the recession, we know cash is tight, and you must be careful where and how you spend and invest your money. We offer very competitive pricing for the value you receive in our business success packages so that businesses can take advantage of our sage help and advice. We feel strongly that our commitment to business owners during tough times will certainly return to us many-fold in future years when economic times are better. We want to continue to help as many businesses as we can to find their way through this recession successfully.

It’s a struggling economy! How can I afford your services?

Our response: How can you not? In a post-recession you cannot make many mistakes before you find yourself quickly out of business. A post-recession dictates the advantage of having an experienced business consultant to help you figure out ways to be successful, but most importantly, help position yourself well ahead of the competition so you will be well prepared to dominate when the economy returns. This is a time to investment in your company’s strategic direction and market positioning, but be careful where and with whom you invest to help you fulfill those goals.

ABC understands business and brings over twenty years experience with its Business Consultant, who has written successful business plans, as well as, successfully consulted many types of companies in all stages of growth, in a wide range of industries, in all market conditions; not to mention, his experience as a business owner and leader himself. Invest in your business success by investing with ABC so that we will be in partnership to find a successful path for you and your business’s success.

What is your experience?

Frank Goley, CEO of ABC Business Consulting, has many years experience as a consultant, entrepreneur and business owner. He has written business, marketing, strategic and financial plans; consulted with numerous companies in all growth stages in a wide range of industries; and learned through experience what makes a successful business. Frank has developed proprietary business success processes for both business planning and consulting services with any type of business to bring measurable, successful results.

Writing a business plan or giving some consulting advice really is only 50% of our work. The remaining 50% comes as Frank stays in contact with you to ensure successful implementation of that plan or advice over time, so you can truly tap his level of experience and expertise. No business consultant has a crystal ball. This is why it is important to have an experienced consultant to work with you on correcting any issues or misdirection upon roll out. It is the value and experience of a business consultant that really becomes important when the plan or advice is implemented. Moreover, seeing what the consultant does when things need improvement or re-working will be the tell-tale sign of his or her experience and success level. When you engage ABC Business Consulting rest assured you are receiving experienced help who will stick by your side to help ensure your business is as successful as possible over time, not just today or tomorrow, years from now!

Frank is also tied into a network of other highly experienced and specialized consultants and experts, and he frequently taps their specific knowledge and expertise when the project / client requires. This isn’t some membership network that many consultants have joined and used. Rather, it is a network that Frank has put together himself over the years to offer unique experience and expertise few other consulting firms can match. Rest assured, there is a major backbone of expertise and experience available to our clients.