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The Comprehensive Business Plan Workbook

A Step by Step Guide to Effective Business Planning

Business Plan BookThe Comprehensive Business Planning Guide and Workbook offers the Entrepreneur, Business Owner, CEO and Company Team Members the benefit of many years, real-world, business planning and consulting experience, working with numerous types of companies and running successful businesses. The author, Frank Goley, Business Consultant for ABC Business Consulting, developed his first business plan over 20 years ago, and he wrote this guide and workbook to take the mystery and confusion out of the business planning experience, providing business owners valuable business planning tools to successfully start, grow, fund or buy a business.


The Business Success Guide

The Business Success Guide

The 200+ page Business Success Guide goes into great depth and detail on a variety of subjects vital to a business’s success. The Business Success Guide is written by Frank Goley, the ABC Business Consultant, who has over twenty years experience in starting, building, growing and turning around small and medium size companies. The Success Guide has over 30 different in-depth sections on the important knowledge areas necessary to build or expand a business successfully. These experienced packed sections are Action Orientated, How-To, Step-by-Step Business Success Tools, Processes, Analyses and Systems a Business Owner, Executive or Entrepreneur can use today to run, start or turn around a business enterprise. Learn from the real world successes and mistakes of an experienced Entrepreneur and Business Owner. Apply out-of-the-box strategies to gain Competitive Advantage in your markets.


Business Success Videos & Webinars – Coming Soon!

Stayed tuned! We will be offering comprehensive business success tools via video and webinars…