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How to Write an Effective Business Plan

Article Summary –  A good Business Plan is the most important (and often overlooked) part of running or starting a business, expanding a business or obtaining finance for a business.  If a Business Plan is written properly, starting, expanding or running a business, or obtaining finance, is much easier, leaving less room for error and failure.  While you cannot predict everything that can happen in a business’ future, a good Business Plan helps you avoid certain pitfalls, overcome certain obstacles and anticipate and create opportunities.

How to Write an Executive Summary

Article Summary – An Executive Summary summarizes your entire business plan in two or three pages.  This is a tall order and can be very difficult to accomplish.  You want the Executive Summary to be concise and brief, yet complete, encompassing and inclusive.  This article will show you how to write an Executive Summary that is effective, concise, yet adequately covers your entire business plan.  This article will also provide an overview on the sections of a Business Plan which are important to include in your Executive Summary and explain different uses for an Executive Summary.

How to Write a Winning Marketing Plan

Article Summary – Developing and implementing a successful Marketing Plan starts with solid Industry and Market Analysis and concludes with an implementable Marketing Strategy and Marketing Programs.  A Marketing Plan is not developed and implemented independently; rather, it should be developed in close coordination with your Business Plan’s Products and Services Section and ultimately implemented through your Company’s Strategic and Sales Plans.  This article gives you an overview of what an effective Marketing Plan contains.

How to Write a Successful Strategic Plan

Article Summary – Now that you have developed your Marketing Strategy and Plan, you can put it into action through the Strategic Plan and Sales Plan.  This overview of the Strategic & Sales Planning Process is divided into Eleven Sections, which are presented in a particular, building-block order. A Successful Strategic and Sales Plan starts with your Products and Services Development, then moves on to your Marketing Analysis and Plan Development, this in turn, is a direct influence on your Company’s Strategic Plan.