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What Does a Good Business Consultant Do?

Article Summary – Are you thinking about hiring a Business Consultant and wondering why you need one? Or wondering what a Business Consultant does? Or looking for someone to write a good Business Plan for your company or venture? We will answer these questions and more about Business Consulting. A good Business Consultant has experience working in and working with a broad range of businesses. It is the accumulated business history of a Business Consultant which makes the consultant valuable. A good Business Consultant is experienced in a lot of different types of businesses and industries, while also having very specific experience in running companies, in the financing of a company, and most importantly, in the marketing and sales of a company.

Business Turn Around Strategies & Leadership

Article Summary – As a Business Consultant with over 20 years experience working with a variety of small and medium size companies, business turnaround services are some of the favorite work I perform. I enjoy the challenge and helping a troubled Company to succeed again. Unfortunately, sometimes the Business Owner/ CEO comes to me too late, and the turnaround strategy turns into a cutting losses strategy, often ending in bankruptcy, restructuring, liquidation or a forced fire sale (quick sale). The best advice I can give Business Owners is to hire an experienced Business Turnaround Consultant immediately, no matter the stage of a company growth, economic situation or company health situation. A Business Consultant can proactively help head off future disaster, grow the business and provide essential Strategic direction and consulting. Lastly, a Business Consultant can help a business develop and implement an Effective Business Plan so that turnaround services are never needed. Ok, I will get off my “Consulting Soapbox” and get into strategies a business owner can employ to turn a business situation around.

Small Business Leadership: The CEO

Article Summary – Company leadership is its most important and critical Resource. Not just the CEO but leadership qualities throughout a company are paramount. There are many qualities of a good Company Leader so it is important that your Management Team have diverse backgrounds and qualities that their “sum” can supplement each other’s weaknesses with strength. In order to foster good Leadership within an Organization, you must first have a CEO with many leadership qualities in order to successfully promote and provide clear strategic direction and guidance throughout management’s structure.

Compensation Planning

Article Summary – This article will be organized in three sections. Venture / Small Business Compensation Program Building Blocks. Performance Reviews. Employee Moral. Understanding how Performance Reviews and Employee Moral figure into Company Compensation Programs is a vital component of a Business’ Success.

Managing and Running a Successful Family Business

Article Summary – Family Business account for over 80% of all US businesses, contribute 50% of our Gross National Product and provide half our workforce. However only about 10% of family businesses make it to the third generation due to the unique challenges family companies encounter. In this article on Running and Managing a Successful Family Business, we discuss five key areas: Starting & Joining a Family Business; Compensation & Resources; Limitations & Conflicts; Next Generation Preparation & Issues; and Management and Business Succession & Continuation.

Is Franchising Right for You?

Article Summary – Utilizing a Franchise System can be a very effective way to open and operate a small business, especially for those without a lot of experience in operating and owning their own business. There are many advantages in using a Franchise System, such as, turn-key operations, marketing and business planning; large corporate support; lower learning curve; established accounting, cost control and management systems; brand identification; training programs; national and regional advertising; customer service programs; market trend responsiveness; supplier and vendor discounts; among others. However successful Franchise Systems are expensive: they consist of a franchise fee, royalty fees and start-up costs. So it is very important to have a due diligence system in place to determine if a particular Franchise Opportunity is right for you, and whether the costs to establish and run the franchise match the effectiveness of the Franchiser’s Package Offering.