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Business Finance Articles

Business Finance Articles – Funding Sources & Strategies for Your Business

Financing a Small Business

Article Summary – Often, financing a Small Business can be the hardest, most time consuming activity that a Business Owner and/or a CFO do when running a business.  Needless to say it can be the most important element of growing a business, but one must be careful not to allow it to consume the business.

Funding Sources for Your Business

Article Summary- This article is Part Two of a three part series about business finance.  Please review the Part One article, Financing a Small Business (see above), before reading this article.  After reading this article, we recommend reading the Part Three article (see below), How to Analyze Funding Sources & Strategies for Your Business. You are developing your Business Plan and analyzing your capital requirements, so now you have to determine where to get your Capital and at what price.

How to Analyze and Develop Business Funding Strategies and Sources

Article Summary – This Article is Part Three of ABC Business Consulting’s Business Finance Series.  In this Part Three Business Finance Article, we will look more closely at Analyzing Business Funding Sources and developing an Effective Business Funding Strategy.   We will examine Business Finance Feasibility Factors, Internal Capital Generation, Trade Credit, Debt Finance; the Relationship (and Combination) of Debt and Equity Finance; how to combine different Business Funding Sources; developing an Effective Business Funding Strategy; and, providing Business Funding Resources.  Business Finance can be tricky and complicated.  We will try to un-complicate this critical part of your Business’ Growth so you can find the right sources, and most importantly, combination of business Capital for your particular company needs and requirements.  Having a well developed Business Funding Strategy is an absolute must before implementing a Finance Initiative.

What Investors Look for in a Business Investment

Article Summary – You have developed your Business Plan, Marketing Plan and Strategic Plan, and now you are ready to approach Investors about funding your Company.  But before doing so, it is important to know what the Investor is looking for and understand the Investor’s perspective.  This article discusses a host of variables an Investor considers when looking at a business investment opportunity.

The Investment Overview

Article Summary – The Investment Overview is used in conjunction with your Long Form Executive Summary to not just solicit interest from an Investor or Venture Capital Firm about your Business Opportunity, but also to give the Investor the necessary facts about your opportunity so it can be quickly qualified and vetted.

How to Package a Commercial Loan Request

Article Summary – A Loan Package is typically used for Real Estate Development Projects and Acquisitions, but there are parts of the Loan Package which are applicable to the other types of Business and Commercial Loans.  If you are seeking a Loan from a Commercial Lender or Funding from a Venture Capital Firm, it is very important to present a well organized, detailed Loan Package.  The Loan Package gives the Loan Officer/ Venture Capitalist the necessary information to gauge the viability of your loan request, enabling them to provide you a specific loan term sheet and commitment.