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About ABC Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting Firm

The People

Frank Goley, CEO of ABC Business Consulting, offers many years experience as an entrepreneur, business owner and business consultant, having worked with numerous companies in a wide spectrum of industries in all growth stages and situations.

Frank handles the strategic direction of the company and works one on one with clients in helping them achieve business success.

Frank has extensive experience in Business and Strategic Planning, Marketing, Sales, Business Turnarounds, Business Consulting & Coaching, Internet Marketing, and Financial Analysis. He also comes from a back ground in business finance, including Private Equity, Venture Capital, Bank Finance, Institutional Finance and Commercial Finance.

Frank is author of a Business Planning BookThe Comprehensive Business Planning Workbook- A Step by Step Guide to Effective Business Planning, as well as, The Business Success Guide.

Industries Frank has worked in and with include – Large Scale Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development / Golf Course, Resort, Hotel, Entertainment and Casino Development / Gaming / Restaurants / Construction Companies / High Tech, Computer Companies, Software Companies, Wireless, WIFI, Internet, Social Networks, Video / Bad Assets / Financial Firms and Mortgage Companies / Mining / Medical & Health Care / Oil and Gas / Distribution / Manufacturing / Agriculture / Maritime Shipping / Law Firms / HVAC / Electrical / Home Warranty / Chemical / Retail /  Educational / Health & Fitness / Product Development / High End Retail / Fashion / Transportation / Inventions / IT / Scientific / Non-Profits / Health Care / Media / Interior Design / Publishing / Music / Online Games / Law Firms / Landscape Design / Architects / Clubs / Solar / Internet Radio / Beverage / Research Firms / R&D / Product Development / Industrial Automation / Green Energy / Electronic Cigarettes / Crowd Funding / Insurance Companies and more…

Mary McCoy, CFO of ABC Business Consulting, has an experienced background in Banking, Mortgage Lending, Taxes and Medical Billing.

Mary handles the financial management of the company.



Team Approach

Frank Goley heads up a team of highly experienced professionals to bring our clients best-in-class solutions. Frank gives each client individual attention and relies on his team to help him better execute our business success strategies and solutions for best customer experience and results.

  • Business Planning Team:  Frank Goley heads all business planning engagements. Frank has over 20 years business planning experience, and over 10 years business finance experience. Frank is assisted by an experienced business planning team which includes business plan consultants who all have MBA level education and ample business consulting experience. All business plan consultants are required to have substantial business experience and consulting experience before being placed in the business planning team. The business planning team Managers who oversee the team have extensive experience in business planning, strategic planning, business finance (angel investors, venture capital and bank finance), valuations, start ups, mergers, and expansions.
  • Business Consulting Team: Frank Goley heads all business consulting engagements, yet has access to specialized expertise and experience with a highly experienced, specialty business consulting team. The team includes experts in marketing, turnarounds, valuations, lean management, automation, processes, systems, management, PR and financial analysis.
  • Web Design Team: We tap a large resource of highly skilled web designers and graphic artists.
  • Web Development and Programming: We have a highly experienced and talented developer and programmer who can scale up the development division as needed on a per project basis.
  • SEO Team: Highly experienced team of SEO experts who are overseen by Frank Goley.

Our Customers

We work with small and medium sized companies in most industries. Be sure to visit our Testimonials section to see what our customers are saying….We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers success. Please let us know how we can be of service to you.

The Company

ABC Business Consulting was formed in July ’08, and we bring many years experience (twenty plus years) in starting, growing and helping small and medium size companies.  We understand the importance of a Business Plan, yet we firmly believe for a Plan to be of any good use, it must be Implemented, Tracked and Measured.  ABC develops Action Based Business Plans, Marketing Plans, Strategic Plans, Turnaround Plans, and Web Design/Development/SEO Plans in close partnership with our clients to achieve specific, measurable goals and results.  We back our Plans with Interactive Consulting and Action Oriented, Success Based Implementation Processes, Steps and Plans. ABC also offers full solution Business Consulting and Coaching.

We look forward to helping you succeed with your business. Please visit our Services section for a full description of all the ABC Business Success Services offered.

Our Name

“ABC” to indicate a step by step, building block process, developed over years of business success building experience and backed by ACTION for strategic business success.

Step A:  Plan

Step B:  Consult

Step C:  Implement

Our Mission

Work as a Success Partner with our Clients to create sustained and measurable Business Success through Planning, Consulting and Implementing Action Based Business Plans, Systems, Processes and Strategies, leveraging our time tested and proprietary Business Planning and Consulting Methods and Business Building Experience.

Business Success Resources

ABC Business Consulting is a valuable resource for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. Our website includes a ton of Business Success resources, including:

  • Business Success Articles in the areas of Business Finance, Business Management, Business Planning, Growth Strategies and Financial Management.
  • Business Success Blog that provides in-depth Business Success Strategies you can use today to run a more successful business.